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Well done to Gobus for the best website in Galway award

Congratulations to gobus.ie for making the semi finals of the best website, marketing leadership best social media and are in the running for the Peoples choice awards for the OMG awards. Good luck to them and fingers crossed that they make the finals and win it with their website as the website design is intended to be as easy to use as possible on both compute and mobile platform for the customer, booking agents and  the staff at gobus. The people at design associates are very proud of the fact that we delivered a website that is key to the successful running of gobus.

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Ireland’s Smartphone Users is at 57% and rising

Ireland has the 11th largest amount of smartphone users internationally, according to Google’s Our Mobile Planet report from Q1 of 2013. With 57% of the Irish using smartphones you really have to make sure your website is looking good on their phones.

With 4g coming down the track it will mean that more and more people will be using their phones instead of a computer for quick searches for products and services. NOW, is the time to get your website enhanced with smartphone mobility.

The most cost effective way to do this is to create a responsive website. The good news is that his can be done quite easily! If you have a website and have already gone through the headache of getting the content organised and written, you are more than half way there; you are ready to mobilise!

If you want to discuss upgrading your website please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Data has been sourced from Mashable 


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Branding talk in Belfast

We were invited up north to deliver a workshop on branding for festivals and events to ‘In any Event’ called  Branded Events Workshop (click here for further details)

It was a great experience and we hope that we imparted some knowledge on how to brand your event. I have to say there seems to be some great events being run up there. I must put a trip up north to experience some of these festivals and events on my bucket list.

If you want to have a look at the presentation that I put together please click here on the branding basics link.



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