User Interface

GoBus Website Design & Development

Since 2011 we have been assisting GoBus with their online presence starting with the redesign and redevelopment of their website that accounts for every booking on their services. The site was designed with the ease of use in mind allowing for the user to book their tickets as quickly as possible it is a custom designed and developed system that allows for them to offer all sorts of complicated deals.

Due to the amount of people booking on their smart phones we also developed a custom mobile site that allows for the easiest booking from your smart phone.

Galway Harbour Company

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Design Associates have been working with Galway Harbour Company since 2010 helping them by unifying their brand elements and creating their promotional material both online & offline.  We redesigned their web site with the brief of helping to portray the benefits of the New Port Development. We also created promotional material for the Harbour Company to help them entice cruise ships to Galway which has been proven effective with the arrival of various cruise ships including ‘The World’ one of the largest cruise ships around.

NAGE Website

We won the tender to redesign the website for the National Association of Government Employees in the US. This site consists of a full custom made content management system (CMS) as well as a members management system that allowed the members to view content that is not available to the general public. The design challenge of this website was to accommodate the amount of information in an easy to navigate structured way. Their old website was quite difficult to find the content you were looking for due to the multiple forms of navigation. We organised all the content into an easy to navigate system that allows the browser to get anywhere within the website within 3 clicks.

Galway Arts Festival 2013

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We were commissioned by the Galway Arts Festival design team to organise anything online for the festival. This year included the development of a new online store, a new first thoughts section which encompassed  live streaming on some of their discussions and a gallery fund section to try to help them generate the funds for next years amazing art exhibitions which are free. Each year the arts festival sells most of their tickets through the website and it is an invaluable tool for them. We are very proud to be working with such a progressive festival and appreciate the continued loyalty.