What is a brand you say? Your Brand is your Company or Organisations personality, it is more than your logo, it is more than a visual experience, it is what people think about you, it is how people feel about you. Your Brand is one of the key factors that people consider when deciding whether to do business with you.

These days there are so many ways to communicate with your potential customers. This can cause a lot of pitfalls for your brand. What can happen is, different people can start communicating different messages across different platforms this will lead to mixed messaging and confusion.

Imagine if you met a person and had a good chat with that person and left that meeting feeling I like that person. Then the very next day you met the same person and that person was speaking with a completely different accent. What would you think? Would you trust that person?

The same applies to your company if you are giving conflicting messages across different platforms it will corrode that sense of trust and people will be very hesitant in doing business with you.

This is why as a company you need to strip your message right down and make sure what you are saying sounds like it is coming from the same company.

Design Associates can help you in achieving this, whether you are just starting up and need to get your brand designed or you have an existing brand and need to organise it and apply it across all the new technologies.

Remember if you have organised your brand properly it will save a lot of time/money on designing future work.